Conduct of Parents

At Thamesview School we actively seek to engage with you, as parents, to ensure that we work together for the success of our young people. The staff here work incredibly hard to the best of their ability to teach lessons which are active and challenging so that students go on to achieve the very best outcomes in their KS4 and KS5 examinations.

Our students’ needs come first in all that we do. We absolutely want to work in partnership with you to achieve the very best for them. However, in recent months, a minority of parents are making this mission increasingly difficult.  We have had a number of incidents which have left our receptionist and our Attendance Officer feeling intimidated by parents who arrive during the school day demanding to meet with staff. Unfortunately, some parents think that it is acceptable to raise their voices and to swear at or threaten our staff when their wish to meet immediately with staff cannot be fulfilled.  Our receptionist, our pastoral staff, and members of teaching staff (including the leadership team) have all experienced this behaviour first hand.

As I am sure you will understand, our teaching staff are incredibly busy during the school day teaching our students.  We simply cannot respond to demands to meet with you immediately, even if we would wish to do so. However, we will always work with you to resolve any concerns that you may have. After all, our only reason for being here is to support our young people, your children, in achieving academic success.

Please support us in supporting you by allowing our receptionist to pass on your message to us. We will make the decision as to who is the best person to call you back.  We have a clear leadership structure and it is imperative that you allow us to filter your concerns through the proper channels so that the school can continue to function effectively. If you wish to meet with us in person, we will endeavour to do so. I am sure that you will understand that any such meetings will need to be by prior arrangement, and with the member of staff who we feel is best placed to meet your needs and that of your child.


Thank you for your support in this matter.


Yours faithfully


Mr George Rorke


Thamesview School

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