Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors section of our school website. We thought you might like to know a little bit about us, our role and responsibilities.

The Governing Body (GB), together with the Headteacher, staff and Local Authority is responsible for the school. The GB must hold the school to account for the standards it achieves. It must ensure that all resources, including the school budget and staff, are properly used to meet the needs of all students and provide value for money. It works to both support and challenge the school.
The GB appoints the Headteacher and delegates the responsibility for the day to day running of the school to the Headteacher. Individual governors have no power as such and cannot act or speak on behalf of the GB unless power has been delegated to.

What qualifications are needed?

No formal qualifications are required, just a desire to put experience and life skills to good use. Governors are people with an interest in education and a belief in working together to improve the outcomes for our students. They are people who have a few hours to spare each month, and enjoy being part of a team.

Who are the Governors?

The GB is made up of four groups who represent the ‘stakeholders’ of the school: staff, parents, the local community and the Local Authority. This range of people is intended to provide a broad and balanced selection of viewpoints and to represent each sector of the school’s society. No governor is a ‘delegate’ for their group. The term of office is four years and they can be re-elected for further terms.

Leslie berry Jon gluck

Mr Leslie Berry
Chair of Governors

Mr Jonathan Gluck
Vice-Chair of Governors


Co-Opted Staff Local Authority Governor Parent Governors Foundation Governors
David Gingell George Rorke
Leslie Berry
Chair of Governors
Phil King Sue Milsom
Pauline Roland Cath Lima   Jonathan Gluck
Vice-Chair of Governors
Mikhael Mazu
Derek Fearnley     Tracey
Jordan Meade        
As at November  2018 – all Governor Terms of Office are 4 years
Name Type of Governor First Appointment Current Term From Term To Role Appointed By Attendance at Meetings 2017/18
George Rorke Headteacher 04.06.18 04.06.18   Headteacher Governing Body 3/3
David Gingell Co-opted 01.10.90 01.09.15 31.08.19   Governing Body 7/7
Leslie Berry Local Authority 08.02.13 04.07.17 03.07.21 Chair of Governors, Chair of Strategy Governing Body 10/11
Pauline Roland Co-opted 01.09.04 01.09.15 31.08.19   Governing Body 3/8
Cath Lima Staff 21.02.16 21.02.16 20.02.20   Staff 7/7
Phil King Parent 12.09.11 10.11.15 09.11.19   Parents/carers 1/7
Jonathan Gluck Parent 07.03.14 07.03.18 06.03.22 Vice Chair of Governors Parents/carers 10/10
Sue Milsom Foundation 21.03.17 21.03.17 20.03.21 Chair of Resources Governing Body 6/9
Derek Fearnley Co-opted 21.03.17 21.03.17 20.03.21 Chair of Development, Review and Welfare Governing Body 8/8
Jordan Meade Co-opted 21.03.17 21.03.17 20.03.21   Governing Body 2/7
Mikhael Mazu Foundation 27.03.18 27.03.18 26.03.22   Governing Body 5/6
Tracey Oakden Parent 12.10.18 12.10.18 11.10.22   Parents/carers n/a
Clerk Appointed
KCC Clerking Service 01.09.14
  Governors who have left the Governing Body over the last year  
Name   Type of Governor First Appointment Current Term From Term To Appointed By Reason for Leaving Attendance at Meetings 2016/17
Harry Ingham Headteacher 01.09.12 01.09.12 31.12.17 Governing Body Resigned from Thamesview 11/12
Julia Williams Parent 24.03.15 24.03.15 23.03.19 Parents/Carers   Other commitments 5/6
Ben Streets   Interim Headteacher 01.01.18 01.01.18 03.06.18 Governing Body No longer Interim Headteacher   -
  Governors' Register of Business Interests – as at 3rd December 2018   Current Governors  
Name of Governor Date of Declaration Interests to Declare Interest 1 Any other interests
George Rorke 29.11.18 Nil    
Dave Gingell 21.11.17   Governor at Chantry Academy  
Leslie Berry 20.11.18   Company Director, Raymond Leslie Associates Ltd.  
Pauline Roland 21.11.17 Nil    
Jonathan Gluck 20.11.18 Nil    
Phil King 15.11.17   HM Border Force Immigration Officer  
Cath Lima 20.11.18 Nil    
Derek Fearnley 20.11.18 Nil    
Sue Milsom 21.11.17   Employed at Gads Hill School  
Jordan Meade 21.11.18   Senior Adviser to a member of the House of Lords. Partner, SupplyFinder Lda (Portugal). Editor in Chief, Parliament Revealed. Director, Imperial Reciter Ltd. Services Officer, Kensington Palace. Councillor and Group Chief Whip, Gravesham Borough Council. Voluntary support to students of Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Gravesend. Trustee of Friends of the Guildhall Museum, Rochester.
Mikhael Mazu 23.11.18   Director - Mybeatus  
Name of Clerk Date of Declaration Interests to Declare Interest 1 Any other interests
KCC Clerking Service N/A N/A    
  Previous Governors (on the Governing Body over the last year)  
Name of Governor Date of Declaration Interests to Declare Interest 1 Any other interests
Harry Ingham 15.11.16 Nil    
Julia Williams 15.11.16 Nil    
Ben Streets 05.12.17 Nil    
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