Welcome to Thamesview! We are so pleased you have chosen to begin a new chapter of your life and education here with us.  You are beginning your journey with us at a very exciting time, as we have many wonderful things planned for Year 7!

Throughout our lives we all go through different changes, this is what we call ‘transitions’.  We might move house or decide we are not going to eat meat anymore however one of the biggest transitions for many of us is the change from Primary School to Secondary School.  Your primary school teachers have been working together, preparing you for your move up to Secondary School, everyone wants to make sure you are happy in your new school and this is where I can help.

My name is Miss Weedon and I am the Transition Co-ordinator here at Thamesview School; it is very important to me that you settle in well and I will try, where possible, to meet you all at your primary school.  You should have received a letter regarding our Summer School; this is a project, held during the first week of the summer holidays, to help you make new friends before you start in September.  We have different workshops throughout the day and I know you will all have lots of fun!

I will be in school throughout the summer holidays to help with any questions however please have a look on our school website too there is a lot of useful information there!  If you could start to complete this Transition Booklet it would be helpful as I will be collecting these from you all in September.

Please remind your parents/carers to contact The Sewing Shop at Echo square to order your uniform.  Each year parents/carers frantically panic as they have left uniform until the last minute. I do not want any of you to be worried on your first day as you do not have the correct full uniform.  Just a reminder for the girls, socks need to be BLACK or black tights.

We have a Wellbeing Room here at Thamesview, specifically created for the Year 7 students.  This is an area were students can sit and relax, read, try some art and craft or drink hot chocolate and make new friends.

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If you have any worries or concerns please ask your parent or carer to email me and I will either email or telephone whichever is easiest for you all.  See you soon!


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