Headteacher's Welcome

At Thamesview we aim to build a community of support, learning and respect; raising the asperations of all students to believe, achieve and succeed to their full potential.

We place Teaching and Learning at the very core of everything we do and are committed to empowering students to be:

  • respectful
  • resilient
  • ambitious

Our curriculum is designed to stretch the more able and to support those who need interventions or specific help. Our enrichment activities ensure that students have a varied range of events and clubs to attend during the school day, after school and during holidays. These offers together with our dedicated staff and purposeful curriculum enable students to get the most out of their school life and to enjoy school.

We pride ourselves on the outstanding care, guidance and support we provide for students and make sure that every child has the most appropriate and best quality educational opportunities throughout their school lives.

Our recent successes in improving our examination results have been due to the hard work of staff, governors, students and parents/carers.  We expect every student to achieve their absolute best in their examinations and to involve themselves in the rich school life that we provide.  Every child is encouraged from the start of their school life at Thamesview to aim high and to believe that any future aspiration is possible.

Mr G Rorke



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