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Thamesview Sixth Form Advances to Elliot Holmes Memorial Fund Cup Final

Thamesview Sixth Form demonstrated outstanding skill in their semi-final match against St. John's, securing a decisive 4-0 victory. The final, to be held at Ebbsfleet Stadium, is open to all students, and the school community is encouraged to attend. Thamesview started strong, dominating possession with skillful midfield play. St. John's defense struggled to maintain control, allowing Thamesview's relentless pressure to culminate in a free kick near the edge of the opponents' area. A skillfully executed set piece led to the opening goal, as the TVS captain delivered a perfect header into the net. Thamesview continued their momentum even after several substitutions, extending their lead before half-time. Resuming play with a 2-0 advantage, Thamesview was urged to maintain their midfield discipline and consistent work rate. The players demonstrated exceptional focus, maintaining their offensive control and netting another goal. As the match progressed, Thamesview's striker delivered a powerful shot for a commanding 4-0 lead. The Thamesview goalkeeper further showcased the team's strength with a series of impressive saves, securing a well-earned clean sheet. Even as the pace slowed, Thamesview's commitment was unwavering, with substitutions ensuring continued high-level play and a secured victory. The team's resilience, determination, and teamwork exemplify the core values of Thamesview School. We invite the entire school community to join us at the final in April and support our team as they compete for the Elliot Holmes Memorial Fund Cup. A special thank you extends to all staff and students who offered their enthusiastic support during the semi-final match. Go Thamesview!  
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Thamesview vs Longfield Academy

Written by a member of the Thamesview Tsunami Basketball Team  Last Thursday, our own Thamesview Tsunami, came out victorious over Longfield Academy in a triumphant performance. Led by the Captain, the team began the first quarter showing their sportmanship and respect.  The team drove up the court with the ball leaving us two points up. Thamesview began to move the ball around the court swiftly and skilfully. Our players using their speed and agility to zoom past his opponents and our positioning leaving Thamesview a multitude of chances. Our Thamesview Tsunami finished the quarter ahead of their competitors.  As the second quarter the team made a few substitutions. The quarter begins, one of our players dribbles down the court using his handles and slotted a three pointer, but this was only the beginning as he continued to drop multiple points leaving him with a double in points. We utilised our speed rushing past our opponents and teammates leaving us open for several layups which helped Thamesview eventually claim the victory. The score was rising, and the game was pure entertainment with enjoyable and thrilling dribbling. The quarter ended but this was only the start of amazing performance by our Team.  The game continued with the addition of some important role players. As these players entered the court, the assists began to rack up allowing all of our players to obtain a fair number of points and it was clear every player had a major contribution in this victory. Our players using their vision and playmaking began to send assists to his teammates left and right, helping increase the score difference massively. We began to leap for rebounds and claiming all loose balls as his and used hesitations to get across the court and assist his teammates. The victory was sealed but our students still continued to perform with maximum effort.  The final quarter began with a beautiful display of shots and plays. Thamesview continued to display their sportsmanship and skills up to the very end of the game. The score ended at 36-14 and Thamesview Tsunami claimed their first victory thanks to their coach.   And once again, don’t forget We are Thamesview
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Charity Committee - Evelina Children's Heart Organisation

This term, our school’s dedicated Charity Committee is on a mission to raise money for the Evelina Children's Heart Organisation. This UK-based charity is dedicated to providing support to families affected by congenital heart diseases. Their services include emotional support, educational resources, and financial assistance, all aimed at improving the lives of children and their families who are facing heart-related challenges. As Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we wanted to make the donations more meaningful by supporting a heart charity. After all, what better way to celebrate love than by giving back to those who need it most? We're excited to see the impact that our contributions will have on improving the lives of those affected by heart disease. As part of our fundraising efforts, the Charity Committee will be organising a bake sale on the 2nd of February and selling adorable little teddy bears that students can purchase and have delivered to their friends during form as a thoughtful Valentine's Day present. Every year, millions of children worldwide are born with congenital heart defects or develop heart conditions. These challenges have a lasting impact on their physical and mental well-being, as well as that of their families. Despite the difficulties, these young warriors show incredible strength and resilience. Our donations have the power to make a difference in the lives of children facing heart challenges. With every contribution, we are not just painting a brighter and healthier future for these brave souls, but also igniting a spark of hope and inspiration within them. - Written by a member of the Charity Committee
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Eco Committee presents to staff briefing

During Monday’s staff meeting, the Eco Committee presented the importance of recycling paper in our school. We had been planning and preparing for this presentation for at least two weeks. Every member of the committee played a vital role in the planning stage, whether it was creating PowerPoint slides for the presentation, designing videos and posters about recycling, or even suggesting and improving the ideas already given, we were all fully dedicated to this project. Perhaps the most nerve-racking part was standing in front of the teachers and staff, who were usually the ones facing us. It felt like the tables had turned, and suddenly we were the ones in the hot seat. The fear of freezing up and forgetting our words was like a looming cloud over our heads. But as we walked into that room together, it wasn’t as intimidating as we had imagined. We smiled and put forth our points beautifully. Our message? Even small actions like recycling our paper can have a huge impact on the fight against climate change. By doing our part, we can inspire others and create positive change for our planet. By instilling eco-friendly habits in students, we can initiate a positive cycle that will eventually lead to a significant reduction in global warming. Who are we? We are a group of young and dedicated individuals on a journey towards a greener future! Currently, our aim is to get the Eco-School’s Green Flag Award, a symbol of our commitment to reducing the negative result our school and the community has on the planet. What do we do? We are doing this by educating staff and students about recycling and connecting with other schools to have a much wider impact. We have also organised a river-side litter pick to tackle the pollution in our local area. We strive to make a positive impact and promote responsible living. How can you get involved? Students can come along to our meetings Friday after school in the library! By Eco Committee Member
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Geography in the News - Storm Jocelyn follows Isha, bringing more wind and rain to the UK!

Get ready for another stormy week! Following Storm Isha's strong winds and rain, Storm Jocelyn is brewing up and expected to hit the UK on Tuesday and Wednesday. This will be the 10th named storm this season, making it an unusually busy year for weather! Why so many storms? The jet stream, a high-altitude wind current, is responsible. When it's active, it pushes low-pressure systems across the Atlantic, bringing stormy weather with it. The extra-cold weather in the US is also affecting the jet stream and making it more active. Climate change and storms: While scientists agree climate change is affecting our weather, it's tricky to say exactly how it's impacting this year's storm season. However, warmer air holds more moisture, which can lead to heavier rainfall during storms. That's why repeated storms can cause widespread flooding. What this means for you: Be prepared for strong winds and heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. Stay updated on weather warnings and listen to your local authorities for advice. Links to the curriculum: Year 7: This article connects to your lessons on weather and climate, showing how different factors like the jet stream and climate change can influence weather patterns. Year 10 & 11: For your studies on weather hazards, it highlights the risks associated with storms like strong winds, heavy rain, and potential flooding. Remember, staying informed and prepared is key to staying safe during storms! So, listen to weather forecasts, have an emergency plan ready, and keep an eye on the sky! Bonus: Did you know the names of storms this year honour people involved in weather studies and the public? Storm Jocelyn is named after Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, an astrophysicist, and Isha was suggested by a member of the public. Interesting, right?
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