World Book Day - Well done Year 7 and 8!

Posted on: 06.03.20
The Y7 and Y8 students were given the challenge to read 10 million words in just 11 days (24th February to 5th March) for World Book Day. To give you a rough idea, that’s the equivalent of reading War and Peace twice every day.
The students weren’t too sure to begin with but as the numbers started going up and they were quickly hitting a new million milestone every day, they soon got excited.
Yesterday during period 4 the Y7s who struggle the most with their reading pushed us over the 10 million word goal. They got so excited that they had done it. They left the library full of pride, confidence and excitement.

Well done to all Y7 and 8 students!
World Book Day   10 Million Word ChallengeGOAL
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