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Aims for the department

Overall  - Humanities

  • To equip students with the necessary attributes to take an active role in the shaping of their own future and that of the wider community.
  • To offer pupils the opportunity to consider their own roles, values and attitudes in relation to the topics being studied and the roles, values and attitudes of others in a diverse and ever changing society.
  • To develop within the pupils the ability to think for themselves and to develop into successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.


You will explore how people and events have shaped the society around us. History can lead you into careers such archaeology, curating, teaching, research and law.

The skills that will be developed through the curriculum are problem solving, analysis, debate and research. We aim to develop an understanding of the past and how it helps us to make sense of the present.


The skills that will be developed through the curriculum are problem solving, data collection and analysis, synoptic links between human and physical geography and field work. It is our hope that you will develop a passion for exploring and developing your global knowledge. Geography can lead into many career opportunities, such as Engineering, travel consultancy, surveyors, science careers in the form of geomorphology, geology, hydrology, seismology and glaciation, international relations and development.


The Edexcel GCSE in Psychology engages students with the process of psychology and its application in today’s world. This GCSE course covers key psychological questions and terms, the research of psychologists, and the research of the students themselves.

Interactive learning

All classrooms have either interactive whiteboards and projectors or touchscreen TVs; this helps our teaching staff to engage the students with modern technology in the learning process.

Humanities Curriculum Plan

Year Group

Curriculum overview


Years 7, 8, 9


Year 7: Its’s your planet, Maps and mapping, About the UK, Rivers, Africa and Our restless Earth.


Year 8: Weather and Climate, Population and Urbanisation, Hazards, Coasts, Our Warming Planet and Living off of Earth’s resources. 


Year 9:

Coasts, Climate Change, Extreme Weather in UK, Lagos , London, Tropical Rainforest, Hot Desert, Nigeria – Case Study



Year 7:  Medicine overview 1250-1750, Medieval England & Black Death & King John & Becket, Renaissance/Reformation & Tudors, Elizabeth I


Year 8: Industrial Britain 1750-1900, WWI- Why did it start & Injuries/treatments & trenches, Inter war period/Outbreak of WW2, Post WW2- Beginning of the Cold War.


Year 9:

Begin GCSE content – Medicine through Time 1250 to present day

Western Front – injuries, battles and treatments.

Introduction to Elizabethan England.



Year 7: Christianity

Year 8: Islam



Year 10


Coasts, Water, Rivers, Lagos , London,  Nigeria, Hot Desert, Tropical Rainforest



Weimar Germany and the rise of the Nazi party

Cold War – Superpowers and Relations




Research Methods

Sleeping and Dreaming






Year 11


UK Economic Development, Tropical Storms, Tectonic Hazards, Climate Change, Extreme Weather in UK ,Global Variations – Economic Development



Cold War

Revision of topics



Development – How did you develop?

Memory – How does your memory work?

Psychological problems

The Brain and Neuropsychology


Useful links

Revision materials


  • Printed revision guides
  • Applicable textbooks for each unit.


CGP Geography AQA  - Grade 9-1 – The Revision Guide

Bitesize AQA GCSE (9-1) Geography Revision Guide and workbook

Scholastic GCSE 9-1 Geography AQA Revision Guide

Oxford GCSE Geography AQA Revision Guide


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