Aims for the department

“To provide robust Creative Arts & Vocational Education to Thamesview students facilitating a smooth transition to Post 16 Study, Work Place Training and beyond.”

We strongly believe in the CAVE Faculty that Creative Arts and Vocational Education should be accessible to all students irrespective of academic ability, physical ability, gender, ethnic group or social background. In light of this a variety of programmes have been designed to cater to all levels with a focus on valuable industry specific as well as transferable skills. This varied pallet includes Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Food Technology, Information Technology, Design Technology, Construction, Hair and Beauty and Child Development.

Interactive learning

All classrooms have either interactive whiteboards and projectors or touchscreen TVs; this helps our teaching staff to engage the students with modern technology in the learning process

Food curriculum plan

Year Group

Curriculum overview


Years 7, 8, 9

Introduction to food safety and hazards in the kitchen.

Knife skills and setting up a work station.

Time management.

Function of ingredients.

Special diets.

International cuisine.

Healthy eating and an introduction to nutrition.


Practical tasks skills level increase throughout the years.

Focus on meals to incorporate vegetables within the diet.

Year 10

Understand the environment in which hospitality and catering providers operate.

Understand how hospitality and catering provisions operate.

Understand how hospitality and catering provision meets health and safety requirement.

Know how food can cause ill health

Skills building for practicals.




Unit 1 of 2 completed during year 10. (External written exam)

Year 11

Understand the importance of nutrition when planning menus.

Understand menu planning.

Be able to cook a range of dishes.




Unit 2 completed during year 11. Controlled Assessment of practical work.

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