Aims for the department

“To provide robust Creative Arts & Vocational Education to Thamesview students facilitating a smooth transition to Post 16 Study, Work Place Training and beyond.”

We strongly believe in the CAVE Faculty that Creative Arts and Vocational Education should be accessible to all students irrespective of academic ability, physical ability, gender, ethnic group or social background. In light of this a variety of programmes have been designed to cater to all levels with a focus on valuable industry specific as well as transferable skills. This varied pallet includes Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Food Technology, Information Technology, Design Technology, Construction, Hair and Beauty and Child Development.

Interactive learning

All classrooms have either interactive whiteboards and projectors or touchscreen TVs; this helps our teaching staff to engage the students with modern technology in the learning process.

Drama Curriculum Plan

Year Group

Curriculum overview


Years 7, 8, 9

In Key Stage 3 Drama, students focus on expanding their making, performing and responding. Students learn drama techniques and explorative strategies through a variety of SMSC schemes of work designed to develop and progress all students.

Year 7/8: 2 lessons a fortnight.


Year 9: 8 lessons a fortnight.



Year 10

In the first year of the Btec Tech Award in Performing Arts (Drama) students focus on improving individual Performance Skills through a variety of drama workshops. All students will study three different practitioners and performance styles. Students will further develop their knowledge through practical application, research and reflection.


  • Konstantin Stanislavski
  • Bertolt Brecht
  • Frantic Assembly


  • Technique Logs
  • Rehearsal Logs
  • Fact Files
  • Reflective Report

Year 11

In the second year of the course students further develop their performing and analytical skills to evidence their development. The final exam element of the course is a group piece devised by the students working from a brief set by the examining board.

Component One: Exploring the Performing Arts 30%

Component Two: Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts 30%

Component Three: Performing to a Brief 40%


Year 12 & 13

The Btec National Diploma in Performing Arts is made up of 6 units that can be evidenced through Dance or Drama with the addition of 2 optional units focusing on your chosen pathway. The course explores both practical and theory elements of the Performing Arts Industry   and prepares students for either further education or the world of work whilst also instilling confidence, collaborative skills and a love of learning.

Mandatory Units:

1 Investigating Practitioners’ Work

2 Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance

3 Group Performance Workshop

4 Performing Arts in the Community

5 Individual Performance Commission

6 Final Live Performance to an Audience

Dance Units:

10 Jazz Dance Technique

12 Contemporary Dance Technique

Drama Units:

16 Writing for Performance

19 Acting Styles

Useful links

Revision materials

Fear and Misery in the Third Reich - Bertolt Brecht

Mother Courage and her Children - Bertolt Brecht

Lovesong - Abbi Morgan (Frantic Assembly)

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Simon Stephens

An Actor Prepares – Konstantin Stanislavski

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