Aims for the Department

  • To provide a well-rounded Science education that covers the requirements of the National Curriculum and prepares students for life as well as successful completion of two or three Science GCSEs.
  • To encourage a lifelong interest in a diversity of sciences for all students regardless of gender, race or economic background.
  • To provide opportunities for students to engage in scientific activities outside the classroom.

Interactive Learning

  • All classrooms have either interactive whiteboards and projectors or touchscreen TVs; this helps our teaching staff to engage the students with modern technology in the learning process.
  • Students will be given access to Active Learn, a resource provided by Edexcel, to allow them access to online texts and revision resources throughout their school life.

Science Curriculum Plan

Year Group

Curriculum overview


Years 7 Key Stage Three Science

Introduction to science and safety.

Microscopy and Cells

Forces and Motion

States and Separation techniques.

Feeding and Respiration

Energy and Power.

The Periodic Table.

Students cover all areas of National Curriculum in the two years whilst focusing on building skills and vocab for GCSE study.

Year 8

Key Stage Three Science

Waves and The EMS

Chemical Reactions

Reproduction and Movement

Electricity and Space.

Reactivity and The Atmosphere

Reproduction and Evolution

Year 9, 10 and 11

GCSE Combined Science

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics



Syllabus Location


Students will all be taught the shared units from these syllabuses and then those who show the potential, performance and drive to complete three separate GCSEs will be placed together for Year 11 to cover the additional material.

Useful Links

Revision Materials

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