Our Staff

Last reviewed: September 2023

Senior Leadership Team

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mr G Rorke Headteacher
Mr S Christopher Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R Beaumont Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Cyman Assistant Headteacher
Mrs E Davies Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Martin Assistant Headteacher
Mrs D Okagbare Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Smith Assistant Headteacher

Head of Year Team

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Miss E Terry Head of Year 12 & 13
Mr S Franks Head of Year 11
Mrs H Wray Head of Year 10
Miss M Burdett Head of Year 9
Mrs C Lima Head of Year 8
Miss A Handley Head of Year 7

Welfare and Personal Development Team

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mrs T Weedon Welfare Manager for Years 7 and 8 and Transition Coordinator
Mrs T Gregory Welfare Support Officer for Years 7 and 8
Mrs R Dugmore Welfare Manager for Years 9 and 11
Mrs C Wade Welfare Support Officer for Year 9 and 11
Mrs M O'Toole Welfare Manager for Years 10
and Sixth Form
Mrs S Owen Welfare Support Officer for Years 10 and Sixth Form
Mrs J Clarke School Counsellor
Mrs A Morris Admissions and Inclusion Administrator
Mrs P Stotesbury Youth Worker

Behaviour Team

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mr C Boothman Alternative Provision Manager
Miss H Cox Behaviour Support Assistant
Mrs R Sapra Behaviour Support Assistant


Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mrs J Cyman SENCO 
Miss A McCarthy Assistant SENCO
Mrs T Prigozhaya English as an Additional Language Specialist

English Department

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Miss L Skipsey Director of English
Miss S Palmer Second in Charge of English
Mrs C Mclean Second in Charge of English and Literacy Coordinator
Miss J Eyre English Teacher
Mrs W Griffiths English Teacher
Miss C Hamilton English Teacher
Miss B Ravenscroft English Teacher
Miss H Ruck English Teacher

Maths Department

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mrs N Tshuma Director of Maths
Mr N Cuthbert Second in Charge of Maths and Numeracy Coordinator
Miss S Harman Second in Charge of Maths
Mrs M Elabor Maths Teacher
Mr M Lloyd Maths Teacher
Miss G Saudelli Maths Teacher
Mrs M Verias Maths Teacher

Science Department

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mrs M Daines Director of Science
Mr P Niven Science Teacher & Curriculum Support
Miss R Playle Science Teacher & Curriculum Support
Mr C Beadle Science Teacher
Miss L Bunketi Science Teacher
Miss M Evans Science Teacher
Mrs H Sandhu Science Teacher

Humanities Department

Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Miss  M Long Director of Humanities
Mr C Craig Geography Teacher
Mrs V Fox Geography Teacher
Mr D Goh Geography Teacher
Mr J Goodearl Psychology and History Teacher
Miss S Jones Psychology Teacher
Mrs F Featherstone History Teacher
Mr A Mahony History Teacher
Mr A McCree History Teacher
Miss E Osborne Humanities Teacher


Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Miss E Addy Teacher of MFL
Mr M Jackson Teacher of MFL
Mr R Styles Teacher of MFL


Name Responsibility/Notes Contact
Mr S Doe Director of Creative Arts
Mrs K Abrey Food Teacher
Mrs A Gardner Art and Graphic Design Teacher
Miss J Scott Subject Leader for PE
Mr J Binns PE Teacher
Mr D O'Neill PE Teacher
Miss H Rowland Dance Teacher
Mrs C Vaughan Music Teacher
Mrs D Wallis Subject Leader for Art
Mrs A Reeve Subject Leader for Technology

Support Staff

Employee Name Department Responsibility/Notes
Miss J Ahern Admin Operations Manager
Miss A Armitage Admin Exams Officer
Mrs L Ayres SEN LSA 
Miss S Bailey SEN LSA
Mrs S Beadle SEN LSA 
Miss C Belbin SEN LSA
Mrs L Blanks Admin Finance Assistant
Mrs R Cheshire SEN Lead LSA for SEMH
Mr N Colcombe ICT Network Manager
Ms B Conteh SEN LSA 
Mrs S Cox Faculty Staff/Technician Science Technician
Mrs N Croxford SEN LSA
Mrs J Dean Faculty Staff/Technician Faculty Support Assistant (English and Maths)
Mrs J Doherty Admin School Administrator
Ms S Drake Admin Facilities Assistant
Miss SG Edwards Pastoral Attendance Officer
Mrs T Fearne SEN Lead LSA for SPLANG
Mrs J Haigh Cover  Cover Supervisor
Mrs E Hardy SEN Lead LSA for C&L
Mrs H Hayat SEN LSA
Mrs J Heitmann SEN LSA
Mr P Henderson Faculty Staff/Technician Innovations & Vocational Technician
Mrs C Holgado SEN LSA
Miss T Jackson Faculty Staff/Technician Science Technician
Miss J Jobson Admin School Receptionist
Ms D Jolley SEN LSA 
Ms S Kaur SEN PD Welfare Assistant
Mrs J Kinslow SEN LSA
Miss M Makai SEN LSA
Mrs N Maxey SEN Lead LSA for ASC
Mrs A McCarthy SEN SEN Administrator
Mrs K McGowan Admin HR Manager 
Mr C Newstead ICT Assistant Network Manager
Miss E O’Brien SEN PD Welfare Assistant
Mr E Ogunlola PE LSA for PE
Mrs M Tillsley Admin Data Officer
Mrs J Roper Technician Food Technician
Mrs E Russell Cover  Cover Supervisor
Miss L Singleton Admin Budget Manager
Miss M Thomson Admin  Finance Manager
Miss J Thomson-White Admin  School Admin Support
Mrs S Watson SEN PD Lead
Miss G White Pastoral Family Liaison Officer
Mrs T Wilkinson SEN LSA
Miss L Winn Admin HR Assistant
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