Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team



Mr G Rorke




Mr B Streets

Deputy Headteacher



Mrs L Singleton

Business Manager



Mrs I Coetzee

Assistant Headteacher



Mrs J Whitworth

Assistant Headteacher



Mr P Ferguson

Assistant Headteacher

Rafferty tally


Mrs E Rafferty-Tally

Assistant Headteacher


Teaching Staff

Name Initials Subject Responsibility/Notes
Mr G Rorke GRO N/A Headteacher
Mrs K Abrey KA Food  
Mrs R Beaumont BB Dance Vocational Manager and Dance Subject Leader
Miss K Bond KB Humanities T&L Development Team
Mrs I Coetzee IC Humanities Assistant HT/SENCO
Miss F Coote FC Creative Arts  
Mrs S Cox SC Science  
Mr N Cuthbert NC Maths Numeracy Coordinator
Mrs E Davies ED Science Director of Science
Miss F Davis FD Humanities  
Miss M Desir MD Maths  
Mr S Doe SD PE  
Miss Z Donegan ZD Maths  
Miss M Dugmore MD Science Assistant Director of Science
Mr P Ferguson PF Drama Assistant HT
Mrs S Flowers SF Maths T&L Development Team
Mr S Franks SFR Science Assistant Director of Science/T&L Dev. Team
Mrs A Gardner AG Art  
Mr J Goodearl JG Humanities  
Miss J Griffin JGR English Pupil Premium Attendance Coordinator
Mrs W Griffiths WG English/Humanities  
Mrs N Hann NH Maths Unqualified Teacher
Ms M Harris MHA MFL/Humanities  
Mr A Harvey AH Humanities  
Mrs A Jackson AJ Maths  
Mrs L Lawes LL English Pupil Premium Coordinator
Mrs C Lima CL Health and Social Care Head of Year 10
Miss G Lopez GL MFL  
Mrs E Lowe EL Maths Assistant Director of Maths
Mr E Martel EM MFL Director of EBACC
Mr J Martin JM PE PE Subject Leader / Head of Year 7
Miss C McLean CMC English Assistant Director of English/Lit. Coordinator
Mr L Monteiro de Barros LMB Music  
Mr P Niven PN Science  
Mr D O’Neill DON PE/Science  
Mr B Noel BN MFL  
Mrs T Prigozhaya TP EAL  
Miss H Profitt HP English Head of Year 11
Mrs E Rafferty-Tally ERT English Assistant HT
Mrs A Reeve AR D&T  
Mr P Robinson PR PE Head of Year 9
Mr M Salisbury MSA Dance and Drama  
Miss J Scott JS PE  
Mrs M Sesay MSE Maths Director of Maths
Miss L Skipsey LS English Director of English
Mrs L Smith LH English Humanities Subject Leader/T&L Dev. Team
Mr B Streets BST N/A Deputy Headteacher
Mr T Swain TS PE  
Miss E Terry ET Business Head of 6th Form
Mr D Tutt DT Science  
Mrs J Whitworth JW Business Assistant HT
Mrs E Whyman EW Art  
Miss H Wray HW English Head of Year 8
Miss J Wright JWR English  

Support Staff

Name Initials Department Responsibility/Notes
Miss E Addy EA Cover Supervisors  
Miss J Ahern JA Admin Finance Manager
Mrs R Assiter RA Technicians Senior Science Technician
Mr C Boothman CB Other Support Alternative Provision Manager
Mrs D Broad DB PD Welfare  
Mr N Colcombe NC ICT Network Manager
Mrs J Coles-Champ JCC Admin Data Analyst
Miss A Cox AC LSAs  
Miss H Cox HC LSAs  
Miss N Croxford NC LSAs  
Mrs J Dean JD Other Support Faculty Support Assistant (English and Maths)
Mrs V Fox VF Admin Librarian /Enrichment Coordinator
Miss R Frost RF Welfare Support Manager  
Mrs J Haigh JH Cover Supervisors  
Mr P Henderson PH Technicians DT and Voc Technician/Relief Cover Supervisor
Miss K Huckle KH Other Support Behaviour Support Assistant (Mat Leave)
Miss T Jackson TJ Technicians Science Technician
Miss L Jones LJ LSAs Supporting Visually Impaired
Mrs J Kinslow JK LSAs  
Mrs N Lawson NL LSAs  
Mrs A McCarthy AMC PD Welfare  
Mrs K McGowan KM Admin HR Manager
Mrs L Moor LM PD Welfare  
Mrs A Morris AM Other Support Behaviour Support Assistant (Mat Cover)
Mrs G Newland GN Technician Food Technician
Mr C Newstead CN Technician Assistant Network Manager
Mrs J Reilly JR Admin Exams Manager
Miss E Russel ER LSAs Supporting Visually Impaired
Mrs H Sandhu HS LSAs HLTA (Science - HAP)
Mrs N Sandy NS Admin Data Protection and Student Programmes
Miss M Simmons MS Cover Supervisors  
Mrs M Smith MS Other Support Attendance and Welfare Officer
Miss L Singleton LS Admin Business Manager
Mrs P Stotesbury PS Kent Youth Team Youth Worker
Miss M Thomson MT Admin Reception Cover and Finance and Admin Officer
Mrs S Thompson ST Admin Headteacher’s PA
Mrs T Topsfield TT Welfare Support Manager  
Mrs S Watson SW PD Welfare  
Miss T Weedon TW Welfare Support Manager  
Miss S Weller SW Other Support Assistant SENCO
Mrs T Wilkinson TW LSAs  
Mrs L Winn LW Admin HR Assistant
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