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Charities 2016-17


Please note that this page is not intended to provide information on upcoming charity events, this page is intended to be a record of charity events held at Thamesview throughout the past year. Content is added to each section after its charity event has occured.

Charity at Thamesview 

At Thamesview we pride ourselves on the fantastic charity work that we do within our school community. Part of the ethos of our school is to encourage our pupils to think of people less fortunate than themselves, and one way we are able to do this is by charity education and fundraising.

Throughout the year we support national events including Children In Need Day, The Poppy Appeal and Comic or Sport Relief. As well as this we also feel it is important for our students to have a say in the charities we work with and this is represented by our inter-community competition ‘The Cupless Cup’ where students raise money for the individually chosen community charities.

Each year we also look to support other charities which the students, parents and staff may have an interest or passion for. These charities may be supported through a one off event or activity designed and ran by the students and staff.

All school productions utilise public events to raise charity funds to support the strong charity ethos that is evident throughout our school community. There are often subject or enrichment club events which raise money and then donate their raised funds equally to the four student-selected community charities.

To support our active fundraising we also dedicate one ‘Charity Day’ in the final weeks of our academic year. On this day the theme of charity runs through all of the tutor time activities, normal lessons and one specially designed charity lesson during the final period of the day. As well as educating the students about why charity is so important to the society we live in it also gives us the opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements our school community has achieved over the year.

At Thamesview we believe in supporting others and through the commitment, passion and dedication of our school community we strive to achieve a sense of empathy within our students. We succeed in doing this by instilling within them a sense of moral responsibility through our extensive charity work.

Battersea Cats & Dogs Home 

The students of Thamesview School have donated approximately £200 worth of cat and dog food to support the animals at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home. The charity were overwhelmed at the generosity of the staff and students and wrote a letter of thanks on behalf of all of their four legged residents. Excellent work Thamesview!



MacMillan Coffee Morning 


On Monday 26th September, Thamesview School held a Macmillan Coffee Morning in aid of McMillan Cancer Support. Staff had baked a selection of cakes ranging from fairy cakes and scones to rainbow cakes and brownies. Miss Terry also held a ‘Spot the Cake’ competition, whereby participants were required to guess how many spots were on the cake; Mrs Wilkinson was the lucky winner and generously contributed her winnings to the fund. In addition, we held a staff raffle with the lucky winner being Mrs Assiter. Overall we managed to raise a total of £236.89. A massive thank you to all of those that helped on the day and baked cakes.

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer. They ask people all over the UK to host their own Coffee Mornings and donations on the day are made to Macmillan. Last year alone they raised £25 million.

If you would like to find out more information about the work that Macmillan do, or if you would like to host your own Coffee Morning, please visit:




Children in Need 

Once the again the student council have delivered an absolutely fantastic day of events in support of Children In Need. The student council worked incredibly hard by planning, preparing and organising all the events in aid of helping others less fortunate than ourselves. As well as all the students and staff wearing spots or yellow and white, there were also activities including a bake sale, selling Children In Need merchandise, a raffle and a sponge the teacher event. The raffle was a huge success and created a real buzz in the library as students flocked to see who would win the prizes. Another stall had a wide variety of cakes which were baked and sold by the students dressed as Pudsey in the heartspace at break and lunchtime. Children In Need merchandise was on sale throughout the week in the build up  to the event and it was fantastic to see so many students and staff with wristbands, hairbands and other Pudsey themed items. At lunchtime the headboy, headgirl and a range of very brave teachers were subject to a multitude of wet sponges and buckets of water thrown at them in order to raise money for the event. As well as all the break time activities there were also a consistent approach throughout the day as teachers themed their lessons around the charity day in order to further embed the message of the day. This year everyone at Thamesview once again went above and beyond and it really was great to be part of such an inspiring day which brought the whole school together in the name of a fantastic cause . A huge congratulations to everyone involved in making the day so memorable and for raising an amazing £867.24!




Poppy Appeal 

Once again representatives from local cadet forces led the Thamesview Remembrance Service on 11th November. Against a back-drop of poppies created by our Year 7 pupils, Head Boy Cameron Taylor and Headteacher Mr Harry Ingham laid a wreath to commemorate the day. Pupils were treated to a rendition of Last Post played by Mrs Sesay on the violin.

Students from year 7 and 8 supported the day with an Art piece, they were inspired by the work of Paul Cummins to produce a display of poppies as part of the Thamesview Remembrance Service.
creative work included drawings, paintings and sculptures which were grouped together to form a moving piece of work.

This year, pupils raised a total of £280.92 for the Royal British Legion, with Challenger Community raising the most out of the four communities. Once again Thamesview remembered those who went before them respectfully whilst supporting the charity ethos within the school.


readathon slide

Cupless Cup 

The Cupless Cup is the Thamesview Community Charity Project which is designed to educate students about the importance of being charitable. Students at Thamesview have the opportunity to vote upon the charities they support within their own community which encourages Student Voice and also enables them to work together as a community towards a common goal. Designed under the philosophy of sparing a ‘penny for your thoughts’, each community will aim to collect 1ps or 2ps in support of the elected community charity chosen by their own students. Any monetary amounts may be added to the collections but it is coppers that we are encouraging the students to collect.
There are two separate tournaments of the Cupless Cup; Terms 1-3 and Terms 4-6. At the end of each tournament the community that has raised the most money receives the funds of a non-school uniform day for the chosen charity they are supporting. There is no prize for the communities or students other than the reward of learning about doing nice and charitable things for the benefit of others.
The students at Thamesview have really committed to the idea of giving their spare coppers for absolutely nothing in return. The Cupless Cup will run until the end of the school year as each community attempts to raise the most pennies; this year the communities are supporting the following Charities.






Comic Relief 

World Book Day 

On 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day with great enthusiasm. Students who dressed up as a book character were invited for snacks and drinks in the library at break time.  There were over 50 students who participated and they all looked great. Prizes were given to students in the following categories: Best KS4 Costume, Best KS3 Costume, Most Recognisable Costume and Most Creative Costume. Students who didn’t dress up donated £1 to the Readathon charity. A total of £468.10 was raised for this amazing cause!! During lunch there was a murder in the library that was solved by some of our brilliant student detectives. They found clues that were scattered around the school and pieced the case together with some amazing skills. And finally, after school, students showed off their book knowledge and supreme geekiness in a book quiz.  Everyone who participated had a great time and a good laugh!


Christmas Jumper Day 

Christmas Jumper Day

Charity Certificates and Letters of Appreciation 

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