Questions and Answers from our Virtual Transition Evening – 25th July 2021 @ 6pm

What stationery do the Year 7s need? - Pen, Pencil and Ruler however I would recommend a full pencil case, ie. eraser, coloured pencils, maths set (but no compass) and a calculator, just so they are ready to use it at any time.

Do Year 7s only need a t-shirt, shorts, jumper and trainers for PE no jogging bottoms, football boots, shin pads etc? Just T Shirt, Shorts and trainers for PE to begin with, as the weather turns wetter and colder, jogging bottoms and sweatshirt (plain black, no logo if not purchasing a Thamesview Black Sweatshirt).  Your child’s PE teacher will tell them when they are playing football so no need for football boots, shin pads etc for a while.

Do you have a money card system for the pupils to buy lunch and if so how do we activate / top it up ready for their first day? At present we have an online ordering system where parents log on, order their child’s lunch online and pay for it online.  After liaising with our Senior Staff, the arrangements for September have not been decided upon as yet however when I send my next letter during the summer holidays notifying you of your child’s Form Group and Form Tutor, I will be able to give further details at that time.

Please could you advise how we can enrol our child into Summer School? As due to the transition meeting being cancelled our child will be unable to hand the form to you? Parents are handing the slips into our reception, which you are more than welcome to do, or if you prefer, if you sign the permission slip and then either scan it in and email it to me to print out or take a photograph of it signed and email it to me?  Either way is fine.

We are unable to watch the virtual evening today due to personal circumstances, will we be able to watch it another time? Most definitely!  I am also uploading a list of questions and answers from parents, on Monday so that may help you as well. 

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