Resources to support your child at home

How can I help my child succeed when Remote Learning?

  1. Be ambitious for your child. Fill your child with a sense of belief and self-confidence every day. Be a proud parent. Talk positively about their future and engage with our Careers Advisor, Mrs Sandy. With your support and guidance they can achieve great things!
  2. Set clear rules and boundaries - especially on access to computer games, mobile phones and social media before bedtime. Ensure your child is in bed by 21:30 on school nights (without access to computers or a mobile phone) and that they have plenty of digital downtime. Promote a healthy lifestyle including eating breakfast before lessons start, taking daily exercise outdoors, enrichment activities and spending time with family and friends within the current government guidelines.
  3. Ensure your child attends school on time every day. Absenteeism leads to underachievement. All students must be online at 08:35 daily. You wouldn't be permitted to arrive late for work so we have a duty to take punctuality seriously.
  4. Be prepared for school. Students must take responsibility for organising equipment for each lesson. Keep a watchful eye to ensure their children are well prepared for school whilst encouraging independence.
  5. Promote a love of reading. Take the time to discover the magic of books by reading aloud with your child, talking to your child about the book you are reading or the book you enjoyed as a child. Role model reading to your child.
  6. Talk to your child about their schooling. Ask them to show you their work or teacher feedback and discuss any upcoming assessments and reports. Always promote a growth mind-set and be solutions focused.
  7. Prepare a workspace at home. Ensure your child has access to a calm and quiet space to complete their remote learning. Get in touch with your Key Contact if there you need any support.
  8. Attend virtual school events and parents evenings to support your child. Supporting your child at virtual parents’ evening and other school events shows them that you care. If you can’t make it, contact your Head of Year for alternatives.
  9. Take note of all school communications. Monitor the school website, emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter accounts for regular updates. Take note of key dates and always communicate with the school in a polite and respectful manner. Keep in regular contact with your child’s Key Contact as a first point of call.
  10. Uphold and promote school initiatives. We can make a difference to children’s lives by having sky high expectations of them. A call may be made home because our teachers care enough to never ignore low standards. If we all row in the same direction our children will be on course to great things!

Resources to support in English

Resources to support in Maths

Resources to support in Science

Seneca Learning - a revision platform that covers all Science courses and is free.  For the Combined Science Course For Separate Biology For Separate Chemistry For Separate Physics


GCSE Bitesize- gives revision and assessment question practice For Combined Science For Separate Biology For Separate Chemistry For Separate Physics


Gojimo, a revision app which gives access to a substantial amount of practice questions for all subjects.


Free Science Lessons- Has work books which can be bought but also has a YouTube channel, which is free and give solid factual revision videos.

Primrose Kitten- Student recommended You Tube Channel, which is free. Make sure you pick the Edexcel playlist.

Science with Hazel- Student recommended You Tube Channel, which is free,


Physics Online- Student recommended You Tube Channel, which is free

Oak Academy- Topic specific lessons created in first lockdown, covers all 4 science syllabuses.

All subjects - Key Stage 4 - Oak National Academy (

Resources to support in French

UK Language Gym

Reading, listening and writing practice in French. Use the joining instructions your teacher has shared with you.

This Is Language

Listening, vocabulary and grammar practice in French. MFL department have issued student logins

Seneca Learning

Online learning and testing of GCSE content


GCSE French specification vocabulary available for practice.

Resources to support in ICT - for testing your Python code (year 7 term 3, year 8 term 4) - as support for many ICT lessons this and next term, as well as wider reading materials; contact your ICT teacher for the school username & password (all years) - a free online animator (year 8 term 3) - another free online animator (year 8 term 3)


free software downloads:

office software:

graphics editing software: 

stick animator:

sound editor:


iMedia past exam papers R081 (Y10 and Y11; Y9 thinking of options)

Resources to support in Geography

Resources to support in Drama

Resources to support in Food

Resources to support in PE

Resources to support in Music

Resources to support in Dance




A day in the life

Parkinson Interview




Smooth Criminal

Meet the dancers


Ghost Dances

Scottish Ballet Talks Christopher Bruce

Getting Into Character


Swan Lake

A dancers journey

In conversation


Jerome Robbins: A Brief History

Remembering Jerome Robbins

West Side Story: Making of a Classic


Bob Fosse Documentary

Sweet Charity Documentary

See DVD – Sweet Charity: From Stage to Screen

Bob Fosse


Michael Bennett interview: A Chorus Line

Baayork Lee on Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett: A Joyful Noise (watch all parts)

Donna McKennie on A Chorus Line


This is Me Tutorial

Meet Ashely Wallen: Ghost the Musical

Choreographing The Greatest Showman


Jazz and Tap History

Jazz Choreographers



Play Write


Choreographer #1

Choreographer #2

Musical Director/Composer

Assistant Director



Stage Manager

Lighting Designer  Up to 4 mins

Lighting & Sound Operator

Sound Designer

Deputy Stage Manager on Book

Costume Designer

Costume Assistant


Set Designer

Assistant Set Designer

Set Construction Team

Make Up Designer

Production Manager

Agents and Representation

Unions History




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