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All SEN students have been allocated a key contact who calls home at least once a week to check in on students from a pastoral perspective. SEN students who have an EHCP or HNF have been allocated a member of staff who is in contact on a daily basis to support the student both pastorally and in their lessons.

Attendance of SEN students is tracked on the whole school tracking system which is monitored daily by the attendance team. In addition to this the SENCO tracks SEN attendance on a weekly basis to identify students who may require additional support in relation to their attendance and engagement.

Wellbeing of SEN students is tracked via our whole school pastoral system. Each SEN student is allocated a key contact who completes a log each week. This is monitored by the SEN and pastoral teams to identify any students whose wellbeing is a concern. Please see the ‘Student Welfare During Lockdown’ statement on the school website under the ‘Remote Learning and COVID updates’ tab for further information on how we are supporting the wellbeing of SEN students at this time.

Progress for SEN students is tracked via our whole school tracker in terms of levels of engagement. Students who are not engaging at a level we would expect are then followed up by the SEN leaders to establish what further support is required to improve the student’s engagement.

Learning Support staff are deployed in a number of ways in this lockdown. All learning support staff have been allocated a key student (who has an EHCP or HNF) who they support in all lessons. Learning support staff access the live part of all lessons in order to provide effective support for their students. They may then be assigned a small group in a break out room as directed by the class teacher to provide small group support. In addition to this, all Learning Support staff are engaging in a training programme which aims to develop their professional knowledge to enable them to support students even more effectively during lockdown and upon our return to school.

Learning Support staff attend all lessons of their key SEN student and feedback to the SEN leaders on a weekly basis. This feedback includes the support they provided to the student in each lesson as well as the strengths and difficulties the student demonstrated in each lesson. SEN leaders will also be attending a variety of lessons to provide support to staff and how they can support SEN students more effectively during this lockdown.

Our SEN students are tracked in variety of ways at individual level, class level, year group level and whole school level. Our central tracking system allows all staff to be able to see the support that is in place for each SEN student and further support they may require. This information sharing provides confidence that SEN students receive the level of support they require in order to keep them in line with their peers. In addition to this, the SEN department are working hard to continue to deliver interventions for SEN students where possible to ensure that SEN students continue to have access to any specialist support they require.

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