Student welfare during lockdown

Thamesview School Student Wellbeing Update January 2021

Thamesview School recognises the importance of student wellbeing and the impact that this can have on their mental and physical health.

To help promote positive wellbeing across the school we have put the following actions into place:

  • Regular face to face conversation with students either in school or during home visits.

  • Weekly emailing students and parents to identify concerns and provide internal and external support.

  • Weekly phone calls to parents and students form key contacts and Welfare Support Managers

  • Signposting students and parents to external support agencies such as Young Mind, Kooth, Barnardo’s etc.

  • Counselling conversations with the school counsellor.

  • Referrals to external support agencies, where appropriate.

In addition to this, each Year group has a range of additional strategies and activities in place to support positive wellbeing during this time.

Year 7

We have a student well-being page on Microsoft teams with a weekly Friday quiz.

We also have a weekly updated challenge from one of the year 7 form tutors, this includes activities such as a scavenger hunt and a Geography based where am I challenge.

Year 7 Welfare Support Manager is also delivering hampers of fresh and healthy snacks to students to promote positive wellbeing.

There is also a Year 7 wellbeing council, made up of Year 7 students, who will be promoting positive wellbeing through the page.

Year 8

Wellbeing Booklet being made to go onto the Year 8’s TEAMS page. Within this booklet there are plenty of activities for students to participate in, should they be feeling overwhelmed, stressed during the lockdown. There is also advice on looing after your mental health and wellbeing, and important, contacts, websites and charities in which students can engage with, should they feel they need further support.

Year 8 TEAMS group, and the weekly Emails from HOY, reminding students that we are here, and should they need to talk/any issues, to contact us so we can speak to them.

Head of Year is going to post daily inspirational quotes, to positive wellbeing.

Welfare Support Manager is going to put together a wellbeing survey that will be available of Teams and will be used to inform future activities.

Year 9

In Year 9 the welfare team have a ‘Year 9 Wellbeing group’ for students to chat and meet up with their friends virtually.

There are weekly activities for the students to get involved with and opportunities for them to engage in events outside of their regular lessons.

The year team are also available for students to speak to if they want to discuss issues there are experiencing.

Year 10

Weekly form meeting in Teams so students can engage with their tutor group and friends.

Body Scan Meditation ran by a Year 10 form tutor.

Year 11

In Year 11 the main concern for a lot of the students is moving on to Post 16. Mrs Lima is liaising with all the students to ensure they are prepared and able to continue applying for post 16 with the help of Mrs Sandy. Questionnaires have been completed by students so we can identify who needs further assistance and this is being completed over the coming weeks.

Also a Wellbeing Assembly with key areas each week for the students to consider, this will support and guide them and include websites for further research.  Students are aware they can email the Year 11 team at any time for additional support they may require and we welcome this from all students.

Wellbeing questionnaires will be sent out to students regularly so we can monitor and contact individuals to support in any way we can during these unprecedented times.

Sixth Form

Miss Terry and Ms Sandy have been making contact with those that were in the process of applying to University and supported students through that process.

Ms Sandy is also sending regular emails to the Year 13 cohort with apprenticeship opportunities that are available in various industries.

Students with SEND

At Thamesview School, we recognise that students with SEND are particularly vulnerable during this time. To support the wellbeing of students with SEND, we have put in place the additional strategies and activities outlined below:

  • Friday praise postcards – SEN students who have shown particular effort or other positive personal attributes are nominated by members of support staff on a weekly basis. A postcard is then sent home to at least one SEN student in each year group to praise them for their efforts.

  • Resources are regularly sent home for SEN students who require additional support with their wellbeing. These could be in the form of emotional regulation resources as well as general wellbeing resources.

  • From the week beginning 1st February a bi-weekly SEN newsletter will be sent home to the parents/carers of SEN students with information regarding wellbeing support and other useful links to support SEN students.

  • From Thursday 28th January, an ‘SEN surgery’ will be held every Thursday during term-time between 12 and 1pm. This will allow parents/carers to arrange an appointment with a member of the SEN team to discuss concerns or other support the student may require in relation to their wellbeing. To book an appointment please email: with the subject heading ‘SEN Surgery’.

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