What can I expect from Remote/Online Learning for my child?

Things to expect from Remote/Online Learning at Thamesview.

  1. A teacher present online to support your child in every lesson as they follow their school timetable through every school day.
  2. A live element to every lesson that your child attends online.
  3. The full school curriculum to be offered with online lessons in every subject.
  4. The full school curriculum to be taught with the same topics and level of challenge as if we were not in lockdown. Learning support to be available to students who would receive this in school.
  5. We will track attendance and quickly highlight with you if your child is missing learning online, we will highlight with you quickly if your child is not submitting work or is falling behind.
  6. We will notify you if your child is not following expectations and there are issues with your child’s use of the IT platform.
  7. We will acknowledge any issue you raise with us within school working hours on the same day and within two working days we will try to resolve the issue.
  8. Work will always be available on paper for every subject that is exactly the same as online work, if that is your child’s preferred way of working.
  9. We will always do our very best to support you with any Home Learning issue, IT issue or welfare issue you raise with us. We fully recognise the support you are giving the school during this difficult time.
  10. We will share with you frequently examples of good work and ensure your child is appropriately rewarded for effort and achievement during this time.

Finally in what is often a changing national picture we will communicate with you promptly any key information regarding learning or school operations as soon as we know it.

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Remote Learning Policy 24th Jan 2021 Download
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