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Election of Parent Governor

24th February 2014

Dear Parent/Carer

I wrote to you recently to invite you to consider standing for election as a parent governor of this school, or to nominate another parent/carer to do so. Since there have been more nominations than vacancies we now need to hold an election. There is one vacancy for a parent governor.
Linked to the left of this letter is:
  • a copy of the candidates’ personal statements
  • a ballot paper with the names of the candidates (in alphabetical order)
Each parent/carer is entitled to one vote for each vacancy, irrespective of the number of children she/he has at the school. Completed ballot papers should be returned to the school in a sealed envelope by 12 noon on Friday 7th March 2014. Please mark your envelope “Parent Governor Election”, write on it your name and address and the name(s) of your child(ren), and sign it across the seal. Failure to do so may result in your vote not being counted.
The election will be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie, lots will be drawn. When the election has been completed I will write to you again to let you know the outcome.
If, in the meantime, you have any queries, please let me know.

Yours sincerely


Mr H Ingham